Spiked Collar with O-ring



Metal collar with spikes and o-ring

The spiked collar is made of the special metal alloy. It can be used as an unique jewellery or it can be used as a collar if you are a fan of the kink.

You can wear it for the party as an unique element of your outfit, or you can use it as an element of your BDSM fun.

Spikes give it a proper feisty look and a ring lets you to attach the chain or the leach

That collar will make you very good boy/very good girl of your master. 

But nobody will ever know. Everyone looking at you just see that lovely collar.

That stainless collar is not only looking great, it’s resistant, durable and easy to clean.

The lock is almost invisable and doesn’t spoil the looks. You can unlock it by inserting a narrow rod inside a small hole.

If you struggle to find a size on our website, remember we more than happy to customise! Everyone is different!

We are going to issue matching handcuffs soon! Kerp your eyes open!



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MetalSpiky O-ring










300 g


11cm/35cm and 13cm/41cm
If you need other diameters: see our "Custom" auction.


3,5 cm (3 cm, 3,5 cm versions available)

Options Of Fasting System


Collars and handcuffs can be equipped with different fastening systems, depending on the type.
The basic mount includes an O-ring that can be opened. This solution allows you to easily attach the chain to the collar.
For those who would like a collar with the option of completely disassembling the fastening, there is an option with the fastening that allows its disassembly.
Another version of the mount is a semicircular mount designed for large O-rings. This attachment looks good in the case of larger and massive collars.
Each collar can be delivered in an option without fastening.