collart studio

About Collart

We make unusual accessories such as metal collars and handcuffs and what is more we also create accessories and furniture for BDSM studios. Our solutions combine many specialized technologies with precise manual finishing of details. All accessories contain unique solutions that are the result of constant cooperation with our customers. Many years of product development with cooperation with our customers allowed us to create optimal, one-of-a-kind accessories that we proudly present. We offer innovative solutions directed particulary to those, who appreciate practicality and aesthetics. The line of customizable stainless steel furniture enables versatile use with easy and quick configuration changes. An example of a modern approach of designed accessories are aesthetically pleasing crosses that allow any configuration of arms. They can be positioned at any angle in configuration of ``X`` ``T`` ``I`` and numerous variations of these settings. The cross has been equipped with a system of adjustable, stepless fastenings that can be moved even when the person is attached to the cross. An equally interesting piece of furniture, offering a wide configurability of fixings, is the floor fixture. For people who have less space in their playroom, it is an excellent universal solution that can be easily hidden under the bed;) The system of sliding, stepless fasteners allow you to attach the submissive in any position you wan. It can be modified without unfastening the handcuffs. Both the cross and the floor mount can be used as a portable accessory that can be easily unfolded, what allows you to transport it to a meeting or everywhere outside the studio. The unfolded elements will easily fit in the trunk of most cars. For those who are interested in more mobile solutions, we offer a lightweight, portable fold-out mat. Now you will be able to attach submissive person not only at home but also during an outdoor trip. The mat is delivered in a bag-cover that makes it easy to carry, ensuring discretion 🙂 We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our photo gallery where you will be able to see examples of our products.